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Fashion For Conservation

Founded in 2012 and born in Seattle by three inspired women determined to save the world from the environmental costs of fast fashion.

Our nature-inspired fashion campaigns educate consumers on animals and ecosystems with a percentage of proceeds benefiting nature conservancies and charities. Fashion for Conservation has been featured in the pages of the New York Times and Vogue, on the fashion stages of London, Milan, Ibiza, New York, Berlin, and Vancouver fashion weeks, and via global humanitarian platforms like the United Nations and TedX.

Paiche fish is a staple in the diet of most artisan communities in the Amazon. One of largest fish in the “pond” (the Amazon River) is the Paiche (likely bigger or the same size as you). Instead of discarding the scales, artisans chose to repurpose and make art out of them. ⁣

With your purchase, the artisans that hand make the pieces sold in our shop directly receive 90% of each sale to support their future in sustainable artisan craft and are participants in Fashion for Conservation’s Artisan Empowerment & Training Program.

Rain Forest Runway And Gala

Fashion for Conservation (FFC) and Hoja Nueva took dedicated fashionistas, nature lovers, and philanthropists on a walk through the world’s jungles in high style. Hoja Nueva and FFC are back in Seattle to host the 4th annual rainforest runway and gala with proceeds protecting rainforests.

In previous seasons the gala has featured animal and rainforest-inspired collections from as many as 18 international designers, hosting between 500-800 guests, while making a significant impact to conserve rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon.

Ola Wyola

Ola Wyola is a vintage clothing store in Seattle, Washington that offers Bohemian dreams and Metaphysic things!

The Maximizr was asked to come up with a concept for the Rainbow Manier Soul Chains collection. We’re all inspired by Pin-up styled photography and the color pink.

Creative Director: Vance Ashworth for The Maximizr, Photographer: Lamar Graham, Stylists: Vance Ashworth, Soulma Ayers, Nishi Muna, Makeup: Briana Kennedy, Model: Queen Gigi.

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